Test Day

  • Bring your laptop  and your power cable. 

  • Leave your bags with all books, papers, notes, and devices somewhere away from your seat.

  • Switch OFF phone, and all other devices except your laptop.

  • Start your laptop and close ALL applications other than Chrome.

  • You may keep one tab open only.

Student Conduct During the Test

  • Remember! This is an exam situation —

    • Academic Integrity and Code of Conduct rules apply just like any other exam! 

  • No talking during the test.

  • No copying or cheating on any examination or test.

  • No bringing of unauthorized materials into the test.

  • No use of a mobile phone or any other electronic device (without permission) during an exam.

  • No plagiarism, or submission of work prepared by another individual as part of any assessment.

  • No interfering with the proper conduct of examinations.

Test Log-in

  • Your advisor will give you a log-in card. 

  • Go to https://www.techfluency.org/esess. 

  • Enter your password. 

  • The first time you log in, you will be asked to answer some demographic questions.

  • Select the test you will be taking. 

  • Begin when your proctor tells you to. 

  • Read through each question carefully. 

  • If time allows, check your work. 

  • Make sure to click Submit when finished. 

  • If you have technical difficulties raise your hand and follow instructions.